Project „Promotion of Students’ Scientific Activities“



Pagrindinis puslapis

Students’ research practice

Scientific research project, performed by Undergraduate or Graduate student during summer


      Students’ research practice (hereinafter – practice) for Undergraduate and Graduate students is scientific research project, performed by student during summer. Practice is aimed at the creation of possibility to get familiar with the research and technology development projects, executed by the best known research groups and centres in Lithuania.

    Students' practices are organised under the project “Promotion of Students’ Scientific Activities”, sponsored by the European Union Structural Funds. The project is aimed at the encouragement of young people’s interest in science and technologies, showing the attractiveness of the occupation of scientists and researchers as well as increase of students’ mobility both on the national and international level. The project is implemented by the Research Council of Lithuania and is a part of “The Researchers Career Programme (2007–2013)”, initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science. The project includes three parts: students’ research practice, students’ research projects and PhD students’ visits to research centres abroad.

    Competition for students’ research practice takes place in two stages:
    1. stage is intended for selection of practice supervisors and themes. Practice themes are offered by applicant supervisors. In this stage practice themes and supervisors are selected according to the established and published selection criteria. Supervisors are highly qualified Lithuanian scientists and researchers.
    2. stage. A competition for students who wish to do research projects on the proposed practice themes. Selection in this stage is made by supervisors.

    Students’ research practice is open for students from Lithuania’s higher education institutions and also for students from the European Union Member States, who wish to pursue summer scientific research in Lithuania. The practice is also open for Lithuanian emigrant students, residing and studying outside the European Union.

    Students are expected to complete a 2-month, full-time research project under the guidance of a scientific supervisor according to the individual study program. The practice for foreign students can take place any time between 15th of June and 30th of September (but this period must not overlap with student’s studies at home institution). Practice must be a continuous two month long process.

    During the practice the students get the possibility to perform scientific research using the most advanced scientific research equipment, information and computing resources as well as scientific literature resources, including text databases and the latest issues of scientific magazines, necessary for modern studies.

    The scholarship of LTL 2080 (not taxed with residents’ income tax) is allocated to the student for the entire period of the research practice. The students, coming from other countries are additionally provided with the support for full or partial compensation of accommodation and travel expenses.

Informacija teikiama tel. (8 5) 212 4933; el. paðtu

Project “Promotion of Students’ Scientific Activities” (VP1-3.1-ÐMM-01-V-02-003) is funded by the Republic of Lithuania and European Social Fund under the 2007-2013 Human Resources Development Operational Programme’s priority 3 “Strengthening of capacities of researchers and scientists”.